Joanna O'Neill has worked with my clients and is terrific. I recommend that any lawyer that has clients with any mental health, family, addiction or other issues to refer them to her.
Murray G.

Joanna's warm and friendly demeanor encourages a relaxed and enjoyable work environment. Her office is like walking into a good friend’s living room, and her personality encourages you to feel that you could tell her anything. She is one of my favorite clients and I look forward to visiting her.”  Susan B.

Joanna has an aptitude for getting to the issues at hand, listening well to understand and then quickly developing the strategies to resolve. She is confident, compassionate and delivers on her word.  Bill B.

Joanna is dedicated to providing the highest level of service for her clients - ranging from personalized counseling to assisting clients with insurance reimbursements. As a Human Resources consultant I have worked with Joanna to enhance the quality of service provided by her staff members and have been impressed that she utilizes excellent Human Resources practices in operating The Counseling Center at Hamilton and is continually striving to improve her team and her practice. Additionally, I have referred patients to Joanna and they have expressed their gratitude for the help she has given them.  Anne P.

Thank you is no enough! My therapist, Janet Poinsett gave me back a belief in joy of life, work and family. She pointed gently the changes I might choose to make in my life in order to live and stay happy.  Danuto

"In today's world, stress plays a huge part in our everyday lives. The Counseling Center @ Hamilton is the place to call. The therapists are very professional, caring and accommodating. The office decor is soothing to you as soon as you walk in, a feeling of calmness overcomes you, and you feel relaxed. I feel lucky to have the experience that I did with the Counseling Center @ Hamilton because it has helped me through some very tough times."  Noreen

I found my therapy sessions with Janet to be very helpful. Sometimes it's great just to have someone to talk to. Bad break-ups are hard to go through, especially your first. After 4 sessions of therapy, I was back on my feet and my old self again. I enjoyed it very much, it made me a much happier person. Thank you Janet."  K.L.

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