Our Philosophy

Individuals are inherently good and have a desire to self-actualize; that given the tools and support to do so, they will realize their potential and flourish.
Individuals have the right to be viewed with respect and positive regard and to a safe environment that celebrates the courageous steps they have taken to survive rather than blame them for what they have not done. Further, that clients can learn to nurture themselves as they deserved to be nurtured.
We believe that our clients hold the key to growth, but may simply to "stuck", or lack the skills to unlock the answers that facilitate movement, or do not trust their own guiding instincts.
Our role in the therapeutic process is collaborative - we are supportive partners with our clients, working together to develop solutions and strategies that are identified as priorities by our clients and are within the context of the clients' value and belief systems.
We believe that with hard work and laughter, therapy can be brief, successful and growth producing.


Our Approach

Personal Recovery
· Childhood Trauma
· Incest & Sexual Abuse
· Eating Disorders
· Self Worth & Esteem
· Assertiveness Training
· Anger Management
· Anxiety Disorders
· Bipolar Disorders
· Depression
· Life Skills
· Stress Management
· Crisis Intervention Skills
Family Development
· Family Dysfunction
· Adolescent Behavior Management
· Relational Issues
· Effective Parenting Skills
· Communication Skills
· Aging Issues

Grief & Loss
· Bereavement Coping Skills
· Separation & Divorce

· Couples, Individual, Family
Expert Witnessing

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